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  • Use coaching to...

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    1. take control

    The first step is working out what's important to you. What's your dream? What do you want to change and why? Do you want to change careers, start your own business, or are you looking for more fulfillment where you are now?  To get started you don't need to know exactly where you want to get to. Some people have a clear picture, others just know they need it to be different from today.


    How it works: Our first chat is very informal. I'll ask some questions to explore your challenge, and you can ask me anything you want about how the coaching approach works. Then, if we both think coaching is right for you, we'll take the next step.


    Depending on your preference any of our sessions can be face to face, skype or by phone, or a mixture of these. They all work equally well.

    2. get unstuck

    Our next step is to break the challenge down into manageable chunks. We identify where the big challenges are. What's holding you back? What can we do to remove the blockers? We set goals, focus on action plans, and find the resources needed to move forward. This might mean working to discover the answer to "what next?" Maybe we'll work to identify your strengths and build your confidence. Or it might be getting practical and looking at your CV and learning interview techniques. These conversations are about getting into the nitty gritty, while keeping sight of the big picture.


    How it works: Often we break the challenge into five or six sessions of around an hour each time, about a month apart. But everyone is different and the approach is flexible.


    If you have a specific area you want to focus on, or maybe want to try coaching for the first time, you can choose to do a "sprint". Sprints are single sessions of up to half a day where we look at at a single area of challenge and make sure you get tangible, workable actions to move forward on it.

    3. do more, go further

    By now you've taken control of your goals, set the actions plans and are no longer stuck in your old routines. You know more about yourself and what you can do.


    As well as addressing your immediate challenges my goal is to help you be self-sufficient and learn to coach yourself in any situation you face.


    Now you've got the confidence and tools to keep pushing for what you want, do more. Go further.











    "I started a new job back in October. I love the role, the company and my colleagues but it has not been an easy time learning the ropes ...This month is the first where I have felt really settled in the job, which is relieving and exciting in equal measure! Part of the shift at work as come through working with a career coach. Here is a little shout out to Leah who has been the most amazing support to me in recent months." Vix (another30something.com)

  • "Leah and her coaching style have helped guide and challenge me. She asks brilliant questions. She shares insightful advice and resources. Career coaching with Leah provides a positive and purposeful space to grow professionally and personally. Everyone should have a coach! Enjoy the journey and trust the process!"

    Maria, global director, international non-profit, New York.




    'Coaching allowed me to focus on the core areas for self improvement needed to progress with my career after becoming somewhat lost after securing a senior managerial role. Leah helped me see the bigger picture through one to one talks, getting to the bottom of each area I wished to focus on such as building up my support network and offering HR advice and mentoring support when things did not go to plan. I would thoroughly recommend Leah as a coach, she is very friendly and will give you a different perspective on how to get to where, you need to go'. Kylie, social enterprise manager, South Wales


    Hi. I'm Leah

    I'm a career and business coach.


    I'm absolutely passionate about helping people who want to get the most out of what they do. Whether you are in a role and want to bring new energy to it, or maybe you are looking for a new challenge, I'd be thrilled to have a chat to see how I can help.


    Email me on leah@yournextstep.ie or use the links